Monday, 31 December 2012

First Entry

Obviously there's nothing more appropriate to say than to kick start my first post with a zealous, joyful 'Happy New Year!'

I suppose it's safe to point out that nearly everything I came across today revolves around a recap or 2012 or resolutions for 2013. Facebook, Twitter, blogs... you name it - posts regarding the most important event in 2012, the most meaningful moment in 2012, the most exciting incident in 2012... 
Trust me when I say I didn't roll my eyes at all those reviews people had written - simply because there's no particular reason for me to feel irritated or bored because I love reading about people's flashbacks. I love re-evaluating the past and know where to place myself after. Because no matter what had happened in the year, the past is past and the present is what matters. 
Flashbacks is not what you have in mind. It does not mean holding onto mistakes and grudges. It's different from dwindling on the past, instead it's a way of igniting and kindling hope within a person - a hope that the past had been great and the future will be greater. 
It makes sense. Keeping hope alive is basically what drives us to lead a better life, and just, generally, be a better person than who we were yesterday. 

Since I made it rather clear that I love doing 'year in review' sort of post, all you have to do is to sit back while I dig out the time machine and let it roll. 

Recap 2012

The number of competitions I had taken part in this year beats any other previous years.

I figure I got pumped up. I decided it was senior year and I had to branch out. I was certain I'd regret if I hadn't stretched beyond my comfort zone. So with a bucket full of alacrity and verve I signed myself up in competitions that I was once too afraid to take part.

I've always loved playing games that involves a ball (dodge ball being exceptionally excluded in this case). When I heard of the news that the school's netball team was recruiting skillful players, I made sure I didn't miss every single practice whether it's scorching at 4 in the afternoon or when the sunlight was piercing my skin at 10 in the morning. I credit those years of hardcore practice in basketball for boosting me with just the right amount of confidence and providing me with a strong base in catching and throwing. Finally, I made the netball team. I was the only Chinese player in the team, however we got along fairly well, because although language was a barrier but my teammates were surprisingly friendly.

We looked like this most of the time during MSSD:

but when we shed our serious-looking faces, we were a bunch of hippies! 

Secretly thankful for my generous teammate who had lend me her spike shoes. I said a little prayer in silent for god to bless her kind soul because it beat me wondering how she was going to clean that mud-covered shoes afterwards. 

One of the best decisions I've made in 2012 was hands down - joining the Forum team!

I was incredibly blessed to be part of the Malay Forum team. We had to do thousands of research, jot down countless points and stay back almost everyday to practice until our tongues were close to being twisted. 

Again I was the only Chinese in the team, but that didn't stop me from giving my best shot. My teammates were outstanding, as well as pleasantly humble and intelligent. I learned a lot from them, and gained valuable experiences from the competitions. It was our first year participating in the Youth Forum, yet with  bountiful  productive practices, our performances in both Zone and District levels were transcendentally striking that we won champion. I was also awarded Best Forum Speaker in the competition, and I couldn't be prouder of myself. 

The winning team on the second row from the bottom. I'm second left, next to my brilliant teammates.

Another memorable and prestigious event that happened this year was bringing home the champion trophy for Chinese Public Speaking competition. It was undoubtedly the most nerve-wrecking and challenging competition I've taken part in so far in life. I had a hard time trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach before going on stage. On the spot thinking cracked my brain, and I remember my heart was thumping like a thousand horses during a stampede. Nevertheless, I inhaled and exhaled for at least a hundred times before speaking and thankfully gave a speech that the judges had regarded as terrific. 

There was the School's Sports Day that I took part in, and that was possibly the most memorable moment of my life. I trained hard and stretched beyond my comfort zone. I had ignored the horrible weather, trained hard and stretched beyond my comfort zone. I was determined to prove myself.

My effort had bore fruits. 

My teammates and I who won first in the 4 x 400 m relay run: 

My teammates and I before the 4 x 100 m relay race.

My teammates and I in attempt to do a jump shot after placing first in the 4 x 400 m relay race. We clearly were too excited that we forgotten that we were supposed to jump at the count of three instead of one. 

So I suggested for all of us to stick back to biting medals without giving a thought even if at least a thousand  pair of hands had laid on them before. 

Apparently everyone was too busy checking out their shiny gold medals that I was the only one bothered to look at the camera. 

On that day, four gold medals in 400 meter, 800 meter, 4 x 100 meter relay, 4 x 400 meter relay races were hung around my neck as I marched home with a broad beam on my face. 

Up till here, you'd have thought I could use a break with running but oh no, my passion for running only flickered stronger. Along with my teammates, we placed fourth among over 5000 participants, more than 1000 teams in the 7th Malaysia International Ekiden Run in Putrajaya. I dare say our achievement was worth every sweat and muscle-ache. Spot me at the front row, second from the left, in pink and white shirt. 

During the mid-year school break, we seized the opportunity and traveled to Bali, Indonesia for a short vacation. 

Mum, me, Ken, Sean.

During that month, we also celebrated Sean's 15th birthday!

You know it's a significant moment when my dad had willingly flashed a peace sign.

Reuniting with Sean always feels wonderful. 

The world is finally blowing out its candles - goodbye 2012! I'm uncertain of what the New Year holds, but I'm keen and ready and ardent. I'll be welcoming 2013 with my little heart brimming with hope and faith.

May all of you be well and happy always.

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